Hygiene Practice

Here at Aroma wellness clinic and spa we go beyond what’s expected and believe cleanliness and sterilization go hand in hand. This is why we only have the highest standards in sanitation. At Aroma we believe that providing our customers with a safe environment is non-negotiable.  This extends from our product and service selection to our hygiene practices.  We want you to rest assured that we have done everything we can to make sure are facilities and equipment are clean and our customers and employees are safe using the latest in sanitation practices.  Feel free to ask us at anytime how we handle aspects of hygiene.  Here are a few of our highlighted practices:

Each of our waxing rooms are equipped with:
1) Accel Sterilizing wipes for eyebrow tweezers and scissors
(Sterilization consists of wiping the device/equipment in the Accel CS20 solution, drying equipment and placing in sterilized individual pouches)
2) Clean/sterilized towels in a high pressure washer
(Each load of laundry is set at high temperature sterilization mode to ensure optimal cleanliness for each individual client)
3) Examination paper to eliminate cross contamination
4) Touch-free purell hand sanitizers for clients and waxologists to use before and after treatment
(It defines the hand sanitizer category and is the brand most preferred by doctors and professionals everywhere to safely clean hands of bacteria.)
5) We use disposable sticks for any waxing in the bikini, underarm and facial area “No double dipping”

During waxing treatments we never double dip.  (We hate the thought of all those sticks in the trash too, but until we find a better way we can’t compromise hygiene! Disposable sticks ensure NO cross contamination between clients)
We also uphold the same high standards of sanitation for nail and foot care:
1) Accel liquid sterilizer for all mani/pedi implements
(Left in solution for 20minutes ensures sterilization of all bacteria and viruses from our implements)
2) Hand and foot parafin in individual disposable plastic bags
3) Clean/sterilized towels in a high pressure washer
(Each load of laundry is set at high temperature sterilization mode to ensure optimal cleanliness for each individual client)
4) Plastic disposable dipping sticks for extraction of foot scrub
5) Disposable files, buffers and woodsticks
6) Stainless steal pedicure baths are sterilized with our Accel sterilizing spray
(We don’t use jetted foot baths because of the possibility of contamination)
Clean tools are kept in sealed, disposable sanitation pouches and are opened by the esthetician at the start of each service. We also don’t do acrylic or other artificial nails.
When body hair is removed, the true beauty, luminosity and unbelievable sensitivity of the skin is awakened.
Mary Miljan (Founder Aroma wellness clinic and spa). 

One of the most important things to do for our skin is to exfoliate.  we exfoliate to remove the layer of dead cells which allows for better penetration of your other skin care products.  

exfoliating Gloves are a must-have in every shower. use it every couple of days in the shower or bath with your usual shower gel.  the exfoliating massage action keeps the skin smooth and soft, as well as stimulating circulation – regular use can even help combat the appearance of cellulite (gotta love that!). ideal for use prior to applying spray tan, and to keep your brazilian wax well maintained and ingrown-free. the mitt shape makes them much easier to put on and use than loofah gloves, and riffi’s unique blend of fibres is durable and hygienic.  best of all the mitts come in all different colours so you can match it to your bathroom and you can just hang it in your shower so it’s always handy… no excuses! we sell them in the stores so just pick one up on your next visit.

sometimes just using a soap to cleanse skin is not enough to remove all the excess oil and dead skin cells – that’s where a sugar scrub can be extremely useful. using a sugar scrub can help clean the skin’s surface and unclogg pores which helps with cell turnover. by using a sugar scrub weekly, you will see a huge difference in the way your skin looks and feels.  since a sugar scrub is all natural, there are no harsh side effects – this means you can use a sugar scrub no matter if you have oily, dry, combination or mature skin. 

Feeling Sexy, Fresh, Smooth & Beautiful

Love is all around us. Whether you are looking for love or are already immersed in a long-term relationship, it is important to always maintain your appearance. Nothing ruins the moment more than the feeling of thick stubble or spiky unwanted hair. How embarrassing! If you are a woman you want to keep your skin touchable, smooth, and soft. 

No matter what your romantic situation, it is always best to remove unwanted hair and improve your skin’s overall condition through waxing. If you are single, then you want to be ready when the right person comes along and if you are involved with somebody then you want them to always see you looking your best. First time guests receive a complimentary waxing service so you can start feeling smooth and sexy for free today!